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Gyms in Pokemon GO


Pokemon Battle Gyms are everywhere.  They are the coliseums of battle, pantheon where epic elemental abilities fly back and forth in efforts to knock out Pokemon defending these gyms.  Pokemon don't die, they only faint and need healing and revival.  Look on your view and there is likely a spinning tower in a faction color flying high with the leading Pokemon spinning and advertising on top, a beacon of challenge of all those around to come try to take the gym, or train to increase the gym's prestige.

A gym can be found on various real world locations.  Interestingly enough, many churches and places of worship have been designated as gyms.  Talk about being distracted during a sermon message.  


Leveling to Level 5 to Gain Access to Gyms

  • Pokemon GO Gyms are accessible after leveling to Level 5
  • At Level 5, when you enter a gym, you get to choose your faction (color) Team Valor (Red), Team Mystic (Blue), Team Instinct (Yellow)
  • To Level, you must earn experience points (XP) to make it to the next level.  XP can be earned by catching Pokemon in the wild (100 XP), Stopping at a Pokestop (50 XP), Evolving a Pokemon (500 XP), Discovering a new Pokemon to your Pokedex (500 XP), Hatching a Pokemon Egg (500 XP to 1000 XP).  This can be increased to double XP if using a Lucky Egg.


Attacking a Gym (Controlled by Another Faction)

  • This is a gym that is controlled and occupied by an opposing faction
  • Click on the gym and you will see all the current Pokemon defending the Gym.  You can initiate a battle by clicking on the battle icon in the bottom right.  You get to choose your 6 Pokemon you wish to go up against the Pokemon in the gym and then begin the fight.
  • Pokemon can be chosen and ordered.  More advanced users who understand weaknesses can chose Pokemon who would have the greatest advantage.
  • In the top left you also see the current reputation of the gym. You must continue to battle in the gym until reputation goes to zero before you can place a FULLY HEALED Pokemon to control the gym
  • Battling in the Gym is just a spam fest, to do your main ability, building up your blue bar of special abilities.  When a under your pokemon's name blue bar is filled, you can press and hold until the screen goes into a smaller focused view and thus enacting your special ability.  This consumes your blue bar.  Some abilities have 2-5 smaller bars that can get filled up.  Note that doing your special ability takes a few seconds and can leave you open to attack.
  • Dodging is a difficult ability to master.  You are able to swipe left or right during an enemy attack to potentially dodge the attack.  Due to server lag etc, this is not always accurate and you can still be hit even though it looked like you dodged the attack.
  • You may wonder how do I attack a gym occupied by such a high level.  Well its actually not that hard when you are able to use 6 Pokemon.  The goal is to beat as many of the lower level Pokemon so you can more easily get to the leader.  As you lower the gym's reputation, for each level lowered, the lowest level Pokemon Defender is kicked from the gym.  Therefore the battle gets easier and easier.  After you get to a level 1 gym, there will only be the leader left, to which it is very difficult to defend vs 6 attackers, even if they are lower CP (Combat Power)
  • Raise combat power by evolving higher CP Pokemon or upgrading them using stardust and candies


Gym Reputation

  • Neutral Reputation - In this state, the Gym is gray in color and has no Pokemon occupying or defending it.  At this time, any color faction can insert a Pokemon and gain control.
  • If the gym has a opposing faction color, the gym's reputation must be brought down by battling to get it to neutral
  • If the gym is your faction color, training battles with the defending Pokemon will increase faction reputation, making it harder for opposing factions to gain control


Training at a Gym (Controlled by Your Faction)

  • Training at a gym puts your selected Pokemon through the gauntlet of battling ALL the current defenders.  The farther you go in defeating your team's Pokemon, the more it raises the current faction reputation.
  • This is different than attaching a gym where you can have up to 6 Pokemon to wear down the opponent.


Defending a Gym (Controlled by Your Faction)

  • You can add a FULLY HEALED Pokemon to help defend your own factions Gym.  
  • For every Gym Level (You can raise Gym Levels by raising Gym Reputation) your faction can add 1 Pokemon to defend. Note you can only put max one of your Pokemon to defend unique gyms.
  • Successfully adding a defender Pokemon to a Gym gains you 500 Stardust and 10 Pokecoins every 20 hours
  • The more gyms you defend, the more Stardust and Pokecoins you can gain.
  • Each gym level allows for a Pokemon Defender to join of that team color.  So if Red Team controls and there is a level 3 gym, then 3 Pokemon defenders from the red team can occupy.
  • The more training battles the faction does, the higher the gym level goes and thus more Pokemon can be added to defend.
  • TIP: Sometimes a gym is leveled up and there is room to freely add a defender.  You can immediately add one of your fully healed Pokemon to this slot.  Check around your city, you may be able to easily add defenders to maximize your Defender Bonus.


Remember to HEAL your Pokemon

  • Whether you are training battle or attacking an enemy gym, your Pokemon will take damage and need healing.  Use your potions efficiently or revive your fainted Pokemon before re-engaging in training and battle.  Also remember that only fully healed Pokemon can occupy the gym as a defender.
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