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Find out what's new in the latest Update release for Pokemon GO v0.31.x

Pokemon GO continues to EVOLVE.  Here are some changes that you will find or notice with the latest updates to Pokemon GO.  If you don't have the latest update, go to the App Store for your device and install it.  In general everything seems much smoother and seeming less "I cannot click or swipe" issues.  Though there is still the occasional complete crash, app closes/shuts down, forcing you to reopen the app.

Higher Resolution Graphics

  • The first noticeable update to 0.31.x is the upgrade in graphics and graphics speed.  Pokeballs, Pokemon, and character views are much sharper, especially on Retina display devices like iPhone 6s Plus.  Everything looks smooth including graphics in the Pokeshop.  New animations when purchasing items and animations in Gyms update the experience visually.  Pokemon running away effects look better.

Footstep Tracking Removed

  • This feature had never worked after Beta, and instead of fixing, Niantic seems to have just removed this feature so there are no longer any 'footsteps' in your finder view.  There is still the Pokemon nearby list, which still shows which Pokemon are close to you.  Hopefully they are just removing it so they can work on it to improve.  Would greatly help our zombie wandering modes as we walk into nearby danger and objects in front of us in our quest to catch'em all.

Customizing Your Avatar

  • Finally!  We can now update and customize our Avatar.  Before we only had a chance to choose our appearance during initial game setup.  As probably many of us, we just said "Forget this, I'll just update later, I want to catch Pokemon!" And then realized we were locked in, thousands of Trainer Twins wandering around looking the same default look.
  • To change, click on the Character icon in the bottom left, and select the new floating menu in the bottom right and choose Customize.  Find the combination that best suits your alter ego

Transfer to Professor Moved

  • The transfer to convert Pokemon into yummy candy has been moved to a floating menu on the bottom right of the Pokemon screen
  • Also note that "Favorited" Pokemon cannot be transferred.  This is a prevention from accidentally squishing your best and most favorite Pokemon into a +1 chewy candy.

Journal Screen has Moved

  • Your Pokemon adventure history is stored in the Journal.  All the great catches and agonizing "Ran Away" logs are recorded for all digital eternity.  You now find it in the floating menu in the bottom right of your character screen.

Power Saving Mode Removed

  • This feature never worked well for me on iOS platform on an iPhone 6s Plus.  It would inevitably cause the dreaded "I can no longer swipe" bug.  So it looks like as a quick fix, rather than fixing the issue, they are 'removing' the feature, hopefully to redesign and bring back since this game is sponsored by energy companies and oil companies to use more energy.

Safety Warnings

  • You now get messages when opening up Pokemon Go like, "Don't drive while playing Pokémon Go" and "Do not trespass while playing Pokémon Go".  Pretty funny that the game has to state the obvious.  They should have just called it a Pro-Tip

Look and Feel

  • Redesigned Medals - Smoother look and updated relevant looking icons
  • Sharper Pokemon -  Especially apparent in high resolution devices
  • Gym Animations have been updated and Pokemon defender images are higher resolution, though background Pokemon Type and Avatar Level is still low resolution
  • Pokemon Broke Free and other battle messages.  Overall the battle screen is much 'smoother' giving it a silky smooth feel when you throw the Pokeball during catching.

Other Changes

  • Still trying to confirm if evolving a Pokemon has now been increased to 1000 XP vs 500 XP in previous version
  • Wild Pokemon Battles seem less predictable and lower CP Pokemon still break free pretty often
  • Nice, Great and Excellent captures doesn't seem to net any XP if you are doing a curve ball.  I have to try without curve to confirm if this is the case.
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